How to use soundgen

The easiest way to get a feel for the program is to use the interactive Shiny app, which you can open in a browser by typing "soundgen_app()". NB: no sound in Safari! Please use Firefox or Chrome. The app is also available online. Server time is currently very limited; for extensive use, please install the package and run locally!

To generate sounds from R console, call the soundgen() function with the desired parameters. Soundgen relies on "tuneR" library for audio playback, and it may intially fail, depending on your platform and installed software. If "soundgen(play = TRUE)" throws an error, you may need to change the default player in "tuneR" or install additional software. See the seewave vignette on sound input/output for an in-depth discussion of audio playback in R. Some tips are also available here.



This page was last updated on Dec 06, 2019.