Soundgen is an open-source toolbox for voice synthesis, manipulation, and analysis. It is published on CRAN as a library (package) for the R programming language and comes with several interactive web apps (see screenshots above). The synthesis functionality is intended for creating human and animal non-speech sounds with a limited number of acoustically meaningful parameters such as intensity, intonation, aspects of voice quality, etc. The functions for acoustic analysis and manipulation are more general and can be applied to speech as well as non-biological sounds.

Bug reports, criticisms and suggestions are all warmly welcome! Soundgen is written and maintained by Andrey Anikin. You can reach me at rty.anik / at / rambler.ru Responses are often flagged as spam by automatic filters, so please check your spam folder.

Essential links

Online apps

These apps run online in a browser (ideally Firefox), so you don't have to install anything or run R - good for a quick try. However, the server time is very limited, so please install the package and run the app locally for extended use. NB: pitch_app() and formant_app() only work on Linux or Windows PCs - Mac OS is currently not supported.

Source code


Known bugs and issues

Bug alert

Noticed more bugs? Need some functionality that is not available at present? Don't hesitate to send me an email!