Johansson, N., Anikin, A., Carling, G., & Holmer, A. (2020). The typology of sound symbolism: Defining macro-concepts via their semantic and phonetic features. Linguistic Typology, 1-58. doi:


Appendix 1 (a table of sound-meaning associations)
Appendix 2 (a list of featured languages)
Appendix 3 (an example of observed and fitted relative frequencies)


Supplementary_Materials_1_Languages_and_sources.xlsx (sources of material, with references)
Supplementary_Materials_2_Raw_linguistic_forms.xlsx (full dataset with comments and alternative encodings, 4 MB)
Supplementary_Materials_3_Basic_vocabulary_comparison.xlsx (comparisons of basic vocalibulary across studies) (data and scripts, 2 MB)