Anikin, A. (2018). The perceptual effects of manipulating nonlinear phenomena and source spectrum in synthetic nonverbal vocalizations. Submitted for publication.


  • anikin_2018_nonlin_extras.pdf (extra tables and figures, 4 MB)
  • (audio, datasets, etc., 5 MB)
  • Examples of audio referred to in the text

    AUDIO #1: main text, Figure 1 (subharmonics in a synthetic vowel)

    AUDIO #2: main text, Figure 2 (several nonlinear phenomena in a human scream)

    AUDIO #3: main text, Figure 3 (manipulating the strength of harmonics in a synthetic vowel)
    Left panel
    Right panel

    AUDIO #4: supplements, Figure S1 (the addition of nonlinear effects to synthetic scream 53)
    No nonlinear effects
    Pitch jumps
    Mixed level 1
    Mixed level 2

    AUDIO #5: main text, Figure S2 (manipulation of rolloff in synthetic gasp 15)
    Weaker harmonics
    Stronger harmonics